Feel the Difference of Assisted Living Support This December

Dec 15, 2021

For some aging adults, their plan is to age in place and adjust their environment to accommodate their continued independence. Often, this plan does not take into account worsening medical conditions, the strain it may put on family members or the decline in a senior’s social opportunities as they age. 

Experts recommend that older adults consider the possibility of different senior living options before they need them. This positions them to anticipate needs as they present themselves. 

There are several levels of care offered at Charter Senior Living, and while many only think of independent living communities and nursing homes, there is an option in the middle that allows for a wide variety of different care plans and an increased potential for independence.

What Is the Difference Between an Independent Living Community and an Assisted Living Community?

Most independent living communities are established with a potential transition into assisted living in mind. When you live in an independent living community, you may not see staff members of the community on a regular basis unless you are choosing to participate in certain activities and services they offer. With assisted living, you will have routine visits from staff members to monitor your well-being and to implement your personalized health care plan. 

In an independent living community, you will find that floor plans are friendly to the aging process, and often, the same residences are available to those who need assisted living services. The care that is provided with assisted living can be given with slight modifications to your home or just the addition of services from community staff members.

The personal care you receive at an assisted living community will be determined by a health assessment and will exist on a continuum of care. The goal is to retain the independence that you want while providing assisted living services that you need. 

This means that each assisted living resident has an individualized plan of care that takes advantage of only the services that will enrich and enhance their life. These include:

  • 24-hour access to professional assistance and medical care
  • Home health care provided by on-site RNs and LPNs
  • Medicine reminders
  • Management of medical appointments
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Access to activities and pursuits that enrich your social, emotional and intellectual life

Determining Whether Your Life Would Be Enhanced in Assisted Living

Often, it is difficult to see this transition objectively. Whether you are considering a move for yourself or for a loved one, it can be overwhelming, and the right answer may not be clear to you. Here are seven questions to consider while you make your decision. 

1. Do I have a degenerative or chronic condition? You might be in a place of stasis with your health where you are able to manage your well-being with consistency. If you have a degenerative disease or a condition that could take a turn for the worse, you might consider setting yourself up to easily transition into a higher level of care when you need it. 

2. Am I getting what I need from my current caretaking situation? Is it sustainable? Sometimes we just make do with what we have and don’t question whether something could be improved. It is important, though, to think about whether you are thriving or merely surviving. 

Could the care and amenities of an assisted living community elevate and enhance your life? Could this transition alleviate stress from a loved one who is currently caring for you? These are important considerations to make.

3. Are Activities of Daily Living becoming more difficult for you? When you assess your daily activities like dressing, grooming, cleaning, and cooking, are there tasks that you are not able to complete or complete as well as you’d like? Are there tasks that you’d rather have someone else complete for you? 

In this new phase of life, you should be prioritizing your health and quality of life. Maybe relying on some assistance to manage life could help you focus on a purposeful pursuit or a leisurely activity. Assisted Living at Charter Senior Living helps you to have a vibrant and joyful life. 

4. Would my health be at risk if I had to spend a few days alone or without checkups from family and friends? This is a difficult question to answer honestly. You’re used to handling all that life throws at you, but it is imperative that you are able to evaluate this clearly. Sometimes assisted living simply means that you have routine and regular check-ins from staff members of the community. 

5. Do I have access to the care that I may need if my health suddenly worsens? When you choose an assisted living community, you have built-in safety nets when and if your health declines. Often, there is skilled nursing care, Memory Care, and rehabilitation services that are available in your time of need. 

6. Am I able to pay for assisted living? It should be noted that Medicaid and Medicare rarely cover assisted living costs. Most residents pay for assisted living with their own private resources or with the help of long-term care insurance. There is some state assistance, however, for older adults who are not able to afford this transition on their own.

7. Do I have regular and frequent opportunities to engage and contribute to a community? Whether it is because you no longer drive or the communities that once were thriving are now dwindling, you may be surprised at how difficult it is to achieve a sense of community and belonging that is essential to a purposeful life. At Charter Senior Living, we make life-enriching programs, services and amenities available to all residents. 

Experience the Purposeful Care at Charter Senior Living

Charter Senior Living owns and manages more than 40 communities across 10 states, and our mission is To Enhance the Human Spirit. We strive to provide choice for all our residents to create the retirement experience that they want. 

Reach out to Jayne Sallerson at 321.662.4290 to hear about the purposeful and fulfilling life that awaits you at Charter Senior Living.