Assisted Living and Memory Care at Charter Senior Living

Sep 28, 2022


So it’s time to consider senior living for your loved one.

Maybe they’ll need Assisted Living, also called Personal Care (depending on state licensing). Or maybe someone you love is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of progressive memory loss.

Either way, you worry about the care they’ll receive. Today, one of the best ways individuals with dementia can maintain a high quality of life while getting the care they need is by moving into an Assisted Living or Memory Care community.

“Many people hear the words Assisted Living or Memory Care and conjure up images of a sterile, clinical nursing home type of situation,” says Jayne Sallerson, Chief Operating Officer of Charter Senior Living in Naperville, Illinois. “That may have been the case in the past, but today’s Assisted Living and Memory Care are focused on providing support for seniors and promoting independence within a safe, structured environment.”

Memory Care can be offered in stand-alone communities or as part of a more comprehensive senior living community and is often considered the step following Assisted Living. Homelike residences create a comforting, stress-free atmosphere, with trained professionals available 24/7 to help with Assisted Living and Memory Care needs.

The ultimate goal of an Assisted Living or Memory Care community is to help individuals with supportive needs, including memory loss, feel safe and respected while providing them the dignity, independence and support they deserve. This is accomplished through premier programming that provides personalized care plans that include both long- and short-term goals for the individual.

FlourishSM Memory Care, the proprietary Memory Care programming at Charter Senior Living, was founded on the belief that everyone has opportunities to thrive and flourish at every age and every stage of life. Based on cutting-edge research and current best practices, FlourishSM Memory Care provides a lifestyle that honors our residents’ histories and respects the people they are while also being cognizant of their abilities throughout their memory loss journey.

Our Engaging Life-Enrichment Programming

What can your loved one expect as a resident at a Charter Senior Living community? They can expect innovative monthly programming based on our 7 lifestyle categories that encourage wellness in:

  • Motion & Movement (physical)
  • Knowledge & Learning (intellectual)
  • Motivation & Creation (emotional)
  • Community & Connection (social)
  • Harmony & Introspection (spiritual)
  • Intentions & Commitments (purposeful)
  • Exploration & Adventure (outings)

Our Assisted Living and Memory Care services provide stimulating activities along with an enriching, uplifting and meaningful experience for our residents and their families. Maybe it’s Velocity, our daily activities programming that offers activities designed to help residents live their best lives possible, or our Grab and Go neighborhood activities that are specialized to residents’ needs and levels of care while providing social opportunities. The oshibori experience is a daily activity that takes place at mealtimes, providing routine as well as opportunities for connection and soothing.

Another wonderful offering is our S.T.A.R.Specific Therapeutic Assisted Recreation program. This family-oriented program allows our families to bring in personal reminiscent-type items to share with their family members and support groups. And our Rest & Restoration intervention program uses sensory components to engage, stimulate and redirect our residents’ emotions in healthy ways.

The Assisted Living and Personal Care services at Charter Senior Living are appropriate options for those who may need some assistance with daily tasks such as medication management, dressing and/or bathing. In Charter Assisted Living communities, you have choices and will be respected, protected, and encouraged to be individualistic while living a life that’s engaged, connected and independent.

Regardless of residents’ current abilities, our supportive, engaging lifestyle enhances self-esteem by empowering them to remain independent for as long as possible. In addition to life-enriching programs and services, we provide just the right amount of assistance, which includes advice gleaned from our many years of experience.

We call them “Silver Nuggets.” They’re tips for caregivers curated by the minds behind Memory Care support at Charter Senior Living. Remember: When you’re frustrated or exhausted, give yourself grace. It’s impossible to be strong all the time. And when you feel unappreciated or unnoticed, remember this quote: “To the world you are someone, but to someone (the person you care for), you are the world!”

Interested in learning more?

For more information about life-enrichment programs at Charter Senior Living communities such as those provided through FlourishSM Memory Care, contact us today at 331.472.2078.