3 Benefits of a Short-Term Senior Living Stay

Jun 1, 2022

Short-term care at a senior living community can be the exact support a family caregiver and senior loved one need during a stressful time. Whether you’re managing a crisis, planning a trip, or just needing a break to recharge, a temporary stay for your older loved one at Charter Senior Living could be an essential component of your plan.

“Short-term guests at our community enjoy the same perks offered to residents,” says Tammy Sunderman, vice president of sales and marketing at Charter Senior Living. “They can engage in our recreational and wellness activities, socialize with peers throughout the day, and experience our amenities designed for an enhanced lifestyle – all while receiving the personal care they need.”

There are two basic types of short-term care: respite care and short-term rehabilitation. Keep reading to learn the differences and to discover the benefits of a short-term stay at Charter Senior Living.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care offers temporary relief to a nonprofessional caregiver – often a family member, spouse or close friend. It provides the senior with a comfortable, well-appointed place to live and professional short-term care. It’s a smart solution to the inevitable moments when a caregiver has other responsibilities to attend to or needs a much-deserved break.

Even a person who enjoys caring for their loved one sometimes has personal, familial or professional commitments that interrupt their ability to provide that care. Respite care offers temporary relief for the family caregiver while ensuring the senior receives everything they need in a safe, social environment.

What Is Short-Term Rehabilitation?

Another type of short-term care at a senior living community is short-term rehabilitation. This service is beneficial when an older adult is recovering from an injury, surgery or illness.

Short-term rehabilitation often follows a hospital stay and benefits older patients who are unable to resume their daily routine independently. This care offers them personal and medical support as they recuperate. During their stay, the patient will receive treatments aimed at recovery, like physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, and assistance with ADLs like bathing, dressinging, ambulation and medication management.

The Benefits of a Short-Term Stay at Charter Senior Living

  • Your loved one will receive the care they need.

Whether your family member enters short-term care after a hospital stay or because their caregiver needs a short reprieve from their duties, they will receive the same comprehensive care offered to residents. Your loved one’s care plan will be customized to their individual needs, and caregivers have the peace of mind that their loved ones will be given excellent care.

  • Family caregivers can take a much-needed break.

Primary caregivers often have an overwhelming number of responsibilities and concerns. While most people are happy to provide the care their loved one needs, it’s often difficult to maintain balance in their lives. It’s vital that caregivers have rest, leisure, and the opportunity to tend to other facets of their life.

A short-term respite from caregiving can provide them the opportunity to take a trip, attend a work conference, celebrate milestones with other family members and friends – or any number of other activities that are important to them. One major benefit of respite care is that it can prevent caregiver burnout

  • Your loved one gets to experience the dynamic lifestyle of senior living.

Whether your loved one is receiving respite care services or short-term rehabilitation therapies, they’ll get a taste of the many advantages of senior living.

Charter Senior Living communities offer residents a full and active lifestyle with an emphasis on well-being. Your family member will have the opportunity to engage in social and recreational activities, socialize with other residents, and enjoy restaurant-style dining.

In some cases, respite care could serve as a trial run to see whether senior living is a good fit for your loved one. In fact, it happens frequently that a respite guest decides to make their stay permanent. It can also be a wonderful way to break up their routine and offer them a new and exciting experience.

A Short-Term Stay at Charter Senior Living

Charter provides the same excellent service for short-term residents as they do for long-term residents. Our care prioritizes the individual resident with a focus on personalized lifestyles, hospitality and dining excellence. Schedule a visit to a Charter community to experience our unique approach to senior living.