Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 20, 2018

Dear Charter Senior Living teams, residents, families, and friends,

During this season of Thanksgiving, we have been reflecting on the many blessings among us and what helps Charter strive to continue to do our best to serve you.  Primarily among them is our endearing residents, dedicated employees, and wonderful families and friends that we are so grateful for at Charter!  

As we just experienced the recent evacuation of our Panama City Beach residents along with their uprooted staff, we were reminded of the importance of supporting each other as a team in the best and worst of times.  That is why we are so grateful for all the hard work, dedication, warmth and care that all of our Charters teams and families provide every day!  Which, truly is the heart of all that we are!  

Many of our Charter communities have been going through renovations with new flooring, painting, roofing, lighting, HVAC, furniture, etc… Many of these hard working teams had to pull together to helping the residents to adjust to the many changes, while working under stressful conditions.  

We “THANK” all the teams patience during this period of evolving to a new and improved community!   

Additionally, some Charter communities have been going through leadership changes, educational trainings, and Certifications of Dementia care to improve the culture, as well as, insure we are providing excellent services.  

We “THANK” all the teams patience for persevering through these times of transitions.     

We now begin our latest excitement of the Grand Opening of our first development community – Charter Senior Living of Oak Openings in Sylvania, Ohio opening in December!
There is so much to be thankful for in the many important lives that we lead with our minds, touch with our hearts, listen with empathy, feed their souls, and kindly care for everyday! 

We “Thank You” all for everything you do!

From all of Charter, we wish you and your family a very warm and Happy Thanksgiving!


Kim and Keven Bennema
Charter Senior Living