Seniors in Communities Live Longer

Apr 5, 2022

Many older adults strive to remain in their homes as long as possible. Others, however, choose to move into a senior living community sooner rather than later. 

Independent retirement communities offer many advantages and opportunities to people living in their retirement years. The quality of life of seniors who live in retirement communities is higher, and studies indicate that seniors have a healthier, happier and longer life while living in them. This is due in part to residents taking full advantage of a community’s many amenities and services.

Keep reading to learn about how seniors live longer, healthier lives in community settings.

Increasing the Strength, Length and Health of Your Life

In communities, elderly residents can live a carefree, maintenance-free lifestyle. They benefit mentally from socializing, while their physical health can be maintained with exercise and wellness programs. A full continuum of health care services and specialized eldercare may also be offered in independent retirement communities. At Charter Senior Living communities, these include Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care services.

The pace of daily life can be difficult for seniors living in their own homes because of hazards such as stairs. Older adults generally find it easy to navigate senior communities. If the senior’s adult child works, the senior might not be discovered if they fall sick or become ill when living alone. Safety measures are available at independent retirement communities. This service is often available to residents who wish to participate.

Our social circle may begin to shrink as we age. Those who become isolated may feel lonely. A senior living community with independent living options allows residents to interact and socialize with friends at any time. Retirement communities offer a wide variety of opportunities for socializing! Retirement communities bring an additional social aspect to a person’s holistic wellness and success as they age.

A Comprehensive Approach to Community Living

In senior living communities, physically active seniors can participate in comprehensive, holistic wellness programs. Exercising at any age is proven to promote well-being and overall health. In addition to wellness programs, communities offer advanced, specialized health care to seniors in many different chapters of life.

If residents remain in their homes, they have very few choices as opposed to those available to them when living in a retirement community. 

Their community residence is the perfect place to relax, visit with friends or family, and enjoy what their community provides. Our communities strive to provide our residents with healthy meals and wellness programs in an effort to ensure their optimal health. Having friends who share similar experiences is also helpful. Our residents’ health and wellness are boosted as a result of these features, which also contribute to a greater sense of well-being and peace in their daily lives.

Addressing all of the needs of seniors together is essential to their long and healthy lives. To that end, wellness programs can be helpful for seniors in maintaining an active lifestyle, as well as their independence, for far longer compared to those who don’t take part.

Amenities at a Senior Living Community

Some of the most common amenities you’ll find at a senior living community include:

  • Better nutrition from prepared meals
  • Information and assistance available from trained staff members
  • Wellness programs, fitness centers and health services
  • Transportation to the store and to doctor’s visits
  • Staying connected with the community through volunteering and civic engagement
  • Programs that combine education, art, upskilling or mentorship
  • Scheduled religious services

Visiting a senior living community is the best way to decide if you want to move there. To find a Charter Senior Living community near you, click here.