Why is Now the Time to Choose Senior Living?

Nov 19, 2020

6 Benefits of Senior Living

The coronavirus has changed so much in everyone’s day to day and has pushed everyone to adjust their ways of life. What is “normal” for us is no longer in sight. How do we move forward to create the new “normal”? One topic that has been a common discussion for individuals and families in these times is senior living. It leaves people wondering, is senior living safe for myself or my loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic? Although for anyone this is never an easy decision, even before the pandemic, we now believe that this is the best time to move into a community, because the benefits of senior living are particularly well suited during uncertain times.

If you are someone who has been going through this internal battle of such an impactful decision, let’s think of the benefits as we head into colder weather. During the summer it has been easy to visit outside with your loved ones following all of the safety precautions. With cold weather coming, what does that look like? What do the precautions look like for, not only COVID-19, but going into the typical “flu season”? How are you ensuring yourself and your loved ones are staying cautious and safe? While these questions may now be coming up, Charter Senior Living has been spending our summer planning for the winter season to ensure our seniors safety and health.

women enjoying the benefits of senior living

Basic Necessities Tended To

At Charter Senior Living, our goal is to help with the day-to-day tasks so that you or your loved one can sit back, relax, and enjoy life! We handle the basic necessities for our residents such as housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, and much more. There won’t be any more worrying about waking up early enough to make senior shopping hours in order to get groceries or a prescription refill. We take care of that! We provide all meals as well as medication services including administration and refills. Imagine being hit with the unexpected treacherous winter weather and you are unable to leave your driveway. You held off getting that one prescription filled yesterday which ran out today. How do you get it filled? At Charter Senior Living, we are able to shift our operations to ensure that our residents have everything needed on a daily basis whether it’s a meal, basic necessities, or that one prescription no matter what the weather is!

Infection Control Policies

Our staff are thoroughly trained to follow best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our community. Temperature checks and screening are completed multiple times every day for our residents and staff, we are able to have our community thrive. At Charter Senior Living we have the resources such as immediate COVID-19 testing, increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing efforts, Accushield for individuals within the entire community, and a Professional Electrostatic Sprayer. We are updating our protocols daily to ensure we are following the recommendations and best practices from the Health Department and CDC.

Safer Socialization

New communal practices are so vital to ensure not only socialization but safe practices as well. A strong senior living community will have safe socialization practices. Charter Senior Living has done just that with dining, small group gatherings, introducing virtual activities (fitness, spiritual services, visitations, etc.), and so much more. As our staff guides in introductions between residents, they are also able to ensure proper social distancing, proper PPE implemented, and sanitation. With these practices in place, residents are able to move about and socialize in our community with confidence. This can be one of the most important benefits of senior living.

Medical Services Brought to You

Charter Senior Living provides care services such as medication administration, bathing assistance, dressing assistance, etc. from our care staff. What some people don’t know are all the other services provided within our community! Thanks to the amazing partnerships we have, we are able to provide services like visiting physician care, physical therapy, hospice, and prescription refills. With these services being integrated in our community, it helps provide a sense of reassurance and protection for our residents during the pandemic.

Security and Safety

An important concern for anyone is always the security and safety of themselves as well as their family, especially during a pandemic. COVID-19 is such an unpredictable virus and there’s no guarantee for anyone that they won’t be infected. Being in a senior living community with the correct protocols and procedures is one way to keep away any safety hazards. Charter Senior Living has protocols and procedures in place as well as staffing 24/7. Staff are available 24/7 to maintain a secure community also including procedures to maintain COVID-19 sanitation and protocols. When faced with a situation, our experienced team has the knowledge and resources to keep our residents safe. Knowing this, our residents and families are given a sense of relief every day.

Financial Stability

Living in a senior living community can be more affordable than you think. Add up your monthly mortgage or rent, utilities, home maintenance, cable, etc. it is easy to see how Charter Senior Living can be more affordable being all-inclusive. Once you move into a community, in these unprecedented and uncertain times, there is no need to worry any longer about taking care of a home or the market to sell a home. In addition, our team of family advisors can help you learn more about financial options that may be available.

Every senior living community has different things in place regarding procedures and protocols. With that said, be sure to closely explore during your search. Whether choosing to move into a community or not, you must remember that the “normal” we are used to is not in the near future, unfortunately. Moving to Charter Senior Living can provide advantages and resources as part of the benefits of senior living. So, ask yourself, what’s next?

By: Marissa Mazen Senior Living Placement Advisor