The needs and expectations of our residents always come first and satisfaction of each person is paramount.


Charter Senior Living exemplifies a caring culture through its commitment to customers, employees and community.


We strive to deliver outstanding service through our motivated and best of class staff everyday.


We appreciate the dedication and commitment that our staff demonstrate and create a culture where teamwork and value is found.

About Us

Experience and "Peace of Mind" are fundamental benefits when choosing a CHARTER Senior Living community. The CHARTER team has the expertise in retirement living, assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing care to meet your needs. Our entire company is dedicated to those who have selected one of our communities as "home" for themselves or their loved ones. Our primary goal is to provide the highest care and quality of living for seniors with devoted, compassionate, and engaged employees. "It is an honor to serve our wonderful residents and exceptional team members," explained Keven J. Bennema, CEO. "My family, management team and I are honored and privileged to partner with you on this new voyage of life. Thank you for entrusting us and setting sail with Charter Senior Living!"

Latest News

  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    August 29, 2017

    Charter Senior Living chosen to be the new Manager of Camellia Walk Assisted Living & Memory Care, by new owner Health Care Trust, Inc. (HTI)

    Chicago, Il. - Charter Senior Living, one of the nation's leading senior living management firms, has taken over the management of Camellia Walk Assisted Living & Memory Care located in Evans, Ga. This management acquisition grows the Charter portfolio to ten senior living communities across four states.

    Camellia Walk is an assisted living and memory care community with a total of 85 individual apartments. As the management company for Camellia Walk, Charter Senior Living will be responsible for day-to-day operations and all related decisions.

    Located in Chicago, Il., Charter Senior Living was formed in 2016 by seasoned industry executives with extensive experience operating large portfolios of senior's housing, assisted living and memory care facilities, on a national level. Charter currently operates in Illinois, Ohio, Georgia and Florida, with executives strategically located within close proximity to each community.

    "Camellia Walk Assisted Living & Memory Care is a beautiful senior community with a long tradition of providing exceptional care to each resident," said Keven J. Bennema, CEO, Charter Senior Living. "We plan to continue to support the exceptional care and service level that the Camellia Walk Team has long provided to their residents and employees. We will blend in our vision of a caring culture through our commitment to Camellia Walk's residents, employees and community. Each resident will have an outstanding assisted living or memory care option that promotes an individualized, healthy lifestyle with abundant opportunities for social interaction and premium dining options."

    Camilla Walk Assisted Living & Memory Care ( is located at 3949 Evans to Locks Road in Evans, Ga. All branding, ownership, contractual obligations and employees will remain in place.

    ABOUT Charter Senior Living:

    Based in Chicago, Il., Charter Senior Living is a caring and compassionate leader within the senior living industry. Charter manages ten senior living communities throughout the U.S., offering independent living, assisted living and memory care services. A family-owned business with an executive team with more than 100 combined years in the senior housing industry, Charter Senior Living's mission is to preserve the legacies of their resident with outstanding personal service and recognition of the dedication and commitment of its family of staff. For more information, visit

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    NOTE: Visuals available upon request.

    Jeffrey Ory
    504-458-5866 (call/text)

  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    August 8, 2017

    LifeCenters to Build 190-Unit Community in Master-Planned Development in Alabama


    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - LifeCenters Communities for Seniors has planned a 190-unit independent living, assisted living and memory care community within its Hampton Cove master-planned development in Huntsville.

    The seniors housing property will feature 114 independent living units, 50 assisted living units and 26 memory care units within 182,868 square feet. Charter Senior Living will operate the community once completed. Construction is slated to begin this fall.

    The 9.7-acre Hampton Cove development will also feature medical office buildings, restaurants, coffee shops and residential condos. It is surrounded by the Robert Trent Jones golf course.
    Based in Chicago, Charter Senior Living operates 10 senior living communities throughout the country. LifeCenters is a Tennessee-based developer. The company is currently working on a similar project, featuring seniors housing within a larger master-planned development, in Murfreesboro, Tenn.
  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    August 8, 2017
    Partnership with Charter Senior Living announced

    By McKnight's -

    LifeCenters Communities for Seniors announced Charter Senior Living will be the operator for an upcoming community in Hampton Cove, AL. Construction will begin this fall.

    LifeCenters Communities for Seniors is a senior housing development company based in Franklin, TN. The planned 190-unit project will feature independent living, assisted living and memory care, and is located by the Robert Trent Jones golf course.

    Charter Senior Living is based in Naperville, IL.
  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    August 3, 2017
    Charter Senior Living to Manage New Alabama Community

    By Tim Regan -

    LifeCenters Communities for Seniors is partnering with Naperville, Illinois-based Charter Senior Living Charter on a forthcoming community in Hampton Cove, Alabama.

    The planned community will have 190 independent living, assisted living and memory care units, according to a press release.

    Construction is slated to begin in the fall.
  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    August 3, 2017

    LifeCenters Communities Partners with Charter Senior Living

    FRANKLIN, TN (PRWEB) JULY 29, 2017

    LifeCenters Communities for Seniors is pleased to announce its partnership with Charter Senior Living based in Naperville, IL. Charter will be the operator for an upcoming community in Hampton Cove, Alabama, slated to begin construction in the fall of 2017. LifeCenters is a senior housing development company that partners with the best to build communities offering Independent Living (IL), Assisted Living (AL) and Memory Care (MC). LifeCenters purchases more land than the senior housing campus requires then parcels out adjacent land to bring in complimentary businesses and services. By planning ahead for the mixed-use of medical office buildings, restaurants, coffee shops or even residential condos - they create community around community.

    Jeff Tallman is LifeCenters' founder and CEO, "The success of these projects largely hinges on the operator, that's where the heavy lifting is done. Charter's CEO and founder, Keven Benemma, brings nearly 25 years of success in senior living to the table. He has held positions ranging from Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to Chief Operating Officer (COO). The team that he has put together is stellar and what they continue to accomplish is impressive. We are excited about this relationship and we're confident that LifeCenters and Charter will partner on more projects in the near future."

    "We spoke with other potential operators during our search," explains Tallman, "but the thing that drew us to Keven was our shared vision. When we started talking about creating community around community he jumped right in and gave us examples of how Charter was looking down that road already. We also share the same philosophies on resident care, employees, the sales process and our faith. It's a great fit."

    The alignment between LifeCenters and Charter Senior Living will first be borne out in the new senior living community in Hampton Cove, Alabama. The planned 190 unit project will feature IL, AL and MC, compromise almost 183,000 square feet and is surrounded by a beautiful Robert Trent Jones golf course. "Jeff and his team really knocked it out of the park with this site.", says Bennema. "In almost 25 years in the business I haven't see many better locations. We are honored to be able to serve the families and local businesses of the Hampton Cove area and very much look forward to getting involved in the community and getting to know our neighbors." LifeCenters has other projects in the pipeline and information on that, and more, can be found on their website.

  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    July 21, 2017

    Preparing For The Progression of Dementia

    A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia is a devastating time for a family. First, of course, there is the emotional upheaval the diagnosis presents to you and your loved one. There are also medical questions as well as financial and legal matters to consider. That's why it's so important to educate yourself about dementia's progression and prepare yourself for what is to come.

    Stages of the Disease:

    In preparing for dementia, be aware that it progresses through seven distinct stages, from normal to very severe. Charter Senior Living has described each stage in the interest of helping families recognize the status of their loved one's disease so that they can understand it, know how to handle it, and seek appropriate treatment.

    Stage 1: Normal Brain Health: No impairment. Doctors start the scale at this level in order to have a standard of comparison as the disease progresses to other stages.

    Stage 2: Very mild: Symptoms include having a hard time remembering names or where you left your keys. Unless it progresses to something more serious, it is not a cause for concern and may not indicate the onset of a serious cognitive illness.

    Stage 3: Mild: Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), characterized by an escalation of previously minor issues with memory and thinking that start to affect your loved one's daily life to a moderate extent.

    Stage 4: Moderate: In addition to memory issues, the senior may begin experiencing moodiness or begin to seem anti-social. They'll have trouble with everyday tasks and often be unresponsive. Often at this stage, a senior will insist that nothing's wrong and deny that any symptoms are happening.

    Stage 5: Moderately Severe: This is the stage at which your loved one is likely to need help with basic daily tasks like getting dressed and bathing and will suffer from regular confusion, forgetfulness, and difficulty with focus and problem solving.

    Stage 6: Severe: A caregiver is needed for most tasks of daily life-getting dressed, bathing, eating, using the bathroom, and potentially getting from place to place. The same memory and mental problems from the earlier stages will still be present, but seniors will also experience personality changes, delusions, and may have trouble recognizing loved ones.

    Stage 7: Very Severe: At this stage, the individual often loses the ability to communicate some of the time (although sometimes seniors with severe dementia will have occasional days of lucidity), they'll need help with all types of day-to-day care, and they may lose the ability to walk.

    Financial/Legal Planning:

    Financial and legal planning also is an important aspect of preparing for the progression of Alzheimer's or another form of dementia. Don't put off talking and moving forward with these very important matters. The sooner you take care of financial and legal matters, the more the individual with dementia will be able to participate.

    Ensure that your planning includes preparation or updating of various legal documents, including your parent's will or living trust, designating general durable power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney, creating a living will or advance directive, and preparing HIPAA authorization forms. Consult an elder care attorney to prepare these documents in accordance with your parent's wishes, which will assure that decision-making proceeds as your parent would have wanted even during the latter stages of the disease when judgment and memory are most severely impaired.

    In addition, families should sit down with their loved one to go over monthly bills and financial obligations. Make sure you're aware of the status of your parent's bank accounts, mortgages or consumer loans, credit cards, life insurance and long-term care insurance policies, pensions, retirement funds, prepaid funeral arrangements, etc. It will be easier organize all of this information and ask questions while your parent is still able to communicate the details to you.

    Preserve Memories:

    Another thing to consider is how the progression of dementia will rob your parent's of their memories, and that's a lost to the rest of the family as well. It can be a great bonding experience for family members to sit down with your parent, listen to stories, and go through family photos or videos. This can be enjoyable for your parent and also a way to make a lasting connection.

    In addition to reminiscing about the past, take plenty of photos and videos of your loved one interacting with their children, grandchildren, and other family members. Take the time to enjoy your parent in the here and now, understanding that each memory you make will be a precious keepsake in the future.

  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    June 16, 2017

    Tips for an enjoyable visit this Father's Day

    Father's Day is coming up this weekend and we have compiled a list of tips and reminders to allow for a relaxing and pleasant visit.

    We also created a checklist to help you look out for any important changes in your loved one's life.

    Some tips for terrific visits:

    Time your visit with care. Many frail elders have the most energy and alertness in the morning or right after a midday meal. Or sharing the meal itself can give you both something to focus on, especially if your loved one could use a little help. Call ahead to ask if you're unsure when a good visiting time is.

    Focus on the person inside -- that's who you want to connect with. He is still there, even if the outer package has changed considerably. It can help to look into the person's eyes. They really are the "window to the soul."

    Try a change of scenery. Moving out of the room can boost mood and give you both fresh focal points to talk about. If there's a courtyard or garden, your loved one may welcome a chance to spend time there. Or consider going out, if he or she is able to leave the premises with you easily -- even if just for a Sunday drive with no destination.

    Don't get intimidated by dementia. Most of these tips can apply to spending time with someone who has Alzheimer's disease. You'll need to be more patient with repetition and circular conversations, of course. But in some ways, this takes the pressure off: Find out what promotes a good time -- music, looking at photos, a change of scenery -- and run with it, visit after visit.

    Visit checklist:

    In general, look for signs of trouble with thinking skills, vision, and physical activity.

    Physical and mental health
       — Have they lost weight or do they seem more frail?
       — Do they have trouble having normal conversations?
       — Do you notice any strange new behaviors like repeating stories or being unusually confused about simple things?
       — Are they squinting or tripping over things much more than usual?
    Social life
       — Do they still do the activities they used to enjoy?
       — Are they keeping up with their usual friends and community organizations?

  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    June 1, 2017

    The nostalgia of 50 years ago brings up the importance of music for us all

    We're Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    We hope you have enjoyed the show

    A half century after its release, The Beatles famed studio album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band still brings feelings of joy and whimsy to those that hear it.

    The album is a relic of a vanished era. The album that was released in 1967 is able to bring back memories and feelings when time once moved differently and art was experienced with a sense of rarity and appreciation.

    The celebration of this timeless album makes us at Charter Senior Living contemplate how important music is to our history and how music affects our lives daily. And music can be used as an important resource in our communities to further create engaging and enriching lives for the members of the Charter family.

    Music therapy has proven to be an extremely useful resource in the lives of senior citizens, especially of those with dementia or other memory loss diseases. One reason is that the music therapy gives their brains (and bodies) a workout through breathing, vocal, musical memory and movement exercises. In scientific terms, music releases the chemicals dopamine and serotonin in the brain that make them feel good.

    Music can help in recalling memories, which is imperative for people just starting to lose their memory. If a person has a connection to a piece of music it's usually because it reminds them of a person, place or time. They might not remember your name or the experience, but they associate it with something special.

    Overall music can promote better physical and mental health in a variety of ways by:
       — Relieving Boredom
       — Motivating movement
       — Rekindling positive memories
       — Shifting negative thinking patterns
       — Calming nervousness
       — Encouraging happy thoughts
       — Promoting social interaction

    Just am many are saying that the release of this album had a powerful impact on the history of rock n' roll, we know how impactful music is for our residents. Music is powerful!

  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    May 1, 2017

    At Charter, we understand that making a choice to move forward with Assisted Living or Memory Care can be one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult decision an Adult Child, Spouse or potential resident can make. We truly understand. Every Senior Team member of Charter Senior Living's management has a person experience dealing with these concerns and decisions within their own families. We have each had to make decisions based on blind trust, minimal information from our search for a community, no external support, and knew, that every decision we made could affect the outcome of a loved one we cared for. We have been in your shoes. Because of the need for TRUST in the Senior Living decision process, we started our company, CHARTER SENIOR LIVING.

    In just over one year we have grown into one the country's most well respected and Avant Garde Senior Living Companies. The positive difference we make stems from our commitment to every member of this delicate and emotional process. We believe in, continue to promote, and celebrate our incredible journey as a family. It starts with our associates who work so very hard to deliver exceptional service to our cherished residents and families, but, most importantly, each other. It continues with the fact that every family member, every resident and every associate have our personal cell phone numbers. That's right when you are part of the Charter Senior Living Family you have the personal cell phone number of our entire Senior Management Team, even our CEO! It's because TRUST is that important to you and us. This Peace of Mind is Priceless.

    It is our intention to exceed your expectations every day. We would be proud to care for you and your cherished family. So, we wanted to find a way to make it even easier to become part of the Charter Senior Living Family, and we offer this warm opportunity to you as follows...

    Our communities are moving towards 100% occupancy quickly. To celebrate, as an offer of hospitality, good faith, and supporting our mission in service, and as people begin to plant their gardens, sow the seeds for summer plans, and next steps in life, we want you to have the chance to plant the seeds of TRUST with our company. So, for a limited time during MAY 2017, we would like to offer you an opportunity to experience the Charter difference for yourself, at a community of your choice. All of our beautiful communities are opening their doors in May with exceptional and impressive incentives to ease the burden of this decision process and help you begin the process of creating the Peace of Mind we assure you everyday. As you look at a community near you, located on our drop down menu above, look closely at the very Special Offer and Incentives we are allowing this month only! Don't hesitate to call the community immediately for information on how your family could save thousands of dollars on move-in costs during the month of May!

    What a wonderful and financially supportive way for us to begin this journey together and continue to build a Legacy, one resident at a time!

    Keven Bennema
    Charter Senior Living

  • NEWS
    Cedartown, Georgia
    April 4, 2017

    Cedartown, Ga.- Chicago, Il,-based Charter Senior Living, operators of more than ten assisted living and memory care facilities in three states, today announced that the company has taken over management of Cedar Hill Senior Living, an assisted living and memory care community in Cedartown, Georgia.

    "Cedar Hill Senior Living is an exceptionally beautiful senior community situated in the county seat of Polk County," said Keven J. Bennema, CEO, Charter Senior Living. "We plan to instill and integrate our vision of a caring culture through our commitment to Cedar Hill's residents, employees and community. Each resident will have an outstanding independent or assisted living option that promotes a healthy lifestyle with abundant opportunities for social interaction."

    The community's living units are studio apartments with private bath. The facility is made up of three separate secure buildings that form a beautiful courtyard for all the residents to enjoy.

    Monthly rents start at $2500.00 for a small studio apartment.

    Cedar Hill holds a historical place in the Polk County community. For many years, it was a high school, and then became a middle school. In 2001, Cedar Hill Middle School was closed and in 2008 the former school was transitioned into Cedar Hills Senior Living.

    "We are pleased to say that all of the same loving and caring staff, most of whom have been with Cedar Hill for a minimum of five year, will remain during this transition, including Shon Erwin our Executive Director at Cedar Hill. Veronica Martinez (Assistant to the Executive Director), Amber Ellis (Wellness Director) and Odulina Ramos-Gable (Resident Care/Activities Director) join Shon in making Cedar Hills the best possible home for our residents."

    Charter Senior Living also manages assisted living and memory care communities in nearby Alpharetta, Marietta, Decatur and Buckhead and in New Lenox, Il. Charter Senior Living will be expanding to six states and adding additional communities by Summer of 2016.

    Cedar Hill Senior Living is located at 402 E Ellawood Avenue in Cedartown, Ga.

    For more information, contact (770) 748-2284 or visit

    Based in Chicago, Il., Charter Senior Living is a caring and compassionate leader within the senior living industry. Charter manages ten senior living communities throughout the U.S., offering independent living, assisted living and memory care services. A family-owned business with an executive team with more than 100 combined years in the senior housing industry, Charter Senior Living’s mission is to preserve the legacies of their resident with outstanding personal service and recognition of the dedication and commitment of its family of staff. For more information, visit
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    MEDIA CONTACT: Jeffrey Ory, ABC, APR (504) 458-5866

  • NEWS
    Boca Raton, Florida
    December 12, 2016
    High end, urban Independent, Assisted Senior Living proposed for Boca Raton

    A new development is planned for Boca Raton. It will be called "The Concierge".

    According to the Developer, the building is designed with the utmost attention to luxury and service. Ignacio Diaz, from Group P6, mentioned that: "There is really no comparison for this development in the area, but if I were to draw a parallel, I would say we are trying create a 'Ritz-Carlton' version of Senior Living."

    Diaz says that the future residents will be "an integral part of Boca Raton. Seniors are a very important segment of the US population and every town and City should be prepared to welcome them. Plus, many of these residents will be persons with time and resources to spend in the myriad of dining options and activities that Boca Raton is starting to offer, from a movie to a personalized catered SPA experience. Most of the units will be targeted for independent senior living.

    Charter Senior Living has been tapped as the Operator. Diaz says they were selected due to "their strong background, and knowledge of the industry, as well as their approach to treating every resident as a unique individual for an enhanced quality of life." Keven J. Bennema, President and CEO of Charter Senior Living has over 25 years of senior housing experience. Charter Senior Living is a Boutique operator that emphasizes a strong employee culture that provides exceptional care and services for each of their valued customers.

    "We are thrilled to be a part of this project", says Mr. Bennema. "The level of attention in design that is being given to The Concierge promises it will be a truly unique offering in Boca Raton. We are speaking of a truly 5-star resort atmosphere, with a spa, a salon, a Zen garden, incredible views and dining, and, of course, concierge services."

    The Concierge is being designed by a collaboration of RLC Architects and Donahue Architecture and Design. Juan Caycedo, from RLC Architects points out: "It has been an incredible opportunity for us to be working with this outstanding team of professionals. The developer has commissioned a building that follows all guidelines, including the land use, density, open spaces, look and feel. It will be an outstanding property that should be an integral part of a vibrant location." Kevin Donahue of Donahue Architecture and Design added: "Our innovative approach to well being in this extraordinary project, where each person is encouraged to live to the fullest, affirms our team's commitment to change the way we all feel about Senior Living."
  • NEWS
    Decatur, Georgia
    September 1, 2016
    Newest Georgia Community- The Madeline of Decatur

    We are excited to announce the Newest Community of Charter Senior Living in Decatur, Georgia! A Licensed Assisted Living Community specializing in Memory Care. Living at Charter means you are setting sail on a new voyage with an adventure of activities, new friends and family, and peace of mind. Our Professional 24 Hour Nursing staff and caregiver supervision are well trained and always available to guide the next course! Charter Senior Living is a family owned and operated management company that strives to promote safe independence, purpose, dignity, and healthy living with compassion and experience! We admire all our family members for their stories they have sailed and look forward to sailing together!

    The Madeline of Decatur has 70 Assisted Living and Memory Care studio apartments beaming with natural light and spaciousness to move around comfortably. Once you step aboard, all the activities will begin! Music, art, and laughter are the "Spirit" of active living at Charter. The Charter dining is a delicious and social experience that cater to special requests from residents for their favorite healthy meals with locally grown fruits and vegetables. Not just your average "Mess Hall". We invite to visit the Captain and Crew that look forward to showing you the Charter Difference! You are at the HELM!
  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    July 1, 2016
    Exciting News from the President and CEO of Charter Senior Living-

    As we sit on the cusp of the Fourth of July, 2016 and "joy," fills the air with fireworks and celebration, Charter Senior Living is celebrating even more! We are so excited and proud to announce the opening of Charter Senior Living in the great Atlanta, Georgia market! Our new communities in Alpharetta, Marietta and Buckhead represent more than a celebration for us. It represents an opportunity for our cherished residents, families, staff and professionals to be part of something bigger, brighter and crucial in the continued delivery of excellence to our Senior population!

    So, as America celebrates this year, we are both blessed and honored to grow our family by creating wonderful new memories with the incredible people of Georgia!

    Offering an array of exceptional services, food, engaged programming for seniors of every perspective, and their families, we embrace the quality of life in our new Atlanta communities.

    Southern hospitality at its finest with the Peace of Mind you and your family expect from a Charter Senior Living Community!

    In closing, we hope to have the opportunity to continue to expand in the Georgia market and truly look forward to meeting more incredible families, residents, staff, and professionals!

    For more information regarding these beautiful Atlanta communities please click on the community location list on this website!

    Charter Senior Living, where your next voyage in life begins!

    Keven Bennema

    President and CEO

    Charter Senior Living

  • NEWS
    New Lenox, Illinois
    June 9, 2016
    A New Charter begins for Charter Senior Living at "The Cottages of New Lenox"

    Charter Senior Living is excited to announce our FIRST Charter Senior Living Community "The Cottages of New Lenox" in the quaint and small town of New Lenox, Illinois. "The Cottages" are located south of the Chicagoland area, in the heart of the Midwest. A genuine, comforting, & warm family feel community, true to the Midwest! There are five separate and beautiful professionally landscaped cottages containing 16 residents in each cottage bringing personalized care for each residents specialized needs. Each cottage surrounds a beautiful large courtyard with a gazebo, plenty of seating, a professional gourmet grill perfect for the best home style backyard summertime BBQ's for the residents and their families. The courtyard also provides a great place for lively entertainment, movie nights, walks around the gardens, and a putting green for those that love to have a hand in "GOLF". The Cottages well-trained Chef's serve healthy delicious culinary meals for all the residents served with a smile from our dedicated caregivers of "The Cottages". Charter is proud to announce "The Cottages" as their first Illinois, local community to become part of our Charter Family!

    One of the very first Charter senior living managers to be hired is Dottie Reed, a fabulous seasoned senior housing Executive Director. Her personality, energy and experience makes this community a wonderful place for the residents, families, and caregivers who all admire Dottie and her amazing team! "The Cottages" Team excel in giving best in care, support, and dedication to their residents and their hardworking caregivers who are key to the hearts of the residents because they truly do "Care". Charter Senior Living embraces and supports, "The Cottages of New Lenox", as an impeccable Senior Living Community with downhome Midwest values!
  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    March 22, 2016
    Charter senior living is making the news and changing lives!

    Charter Senior Living President and CEO Keven J Bennema and team are taking the senior living scene by storm! Bringing a unique blend of experience, culture, diversity and a true understanding of how to deliver exceptional customer respect and hospitality to its Residents, Families, Professionals and Associates, brings Charter Senior Living into the spotlight. The future of Exceptional Senior Living! Read more about this topic through the incredible interview with Senior Housing News by clicking on the "more" button below.
  • NEWS
    Chicago, Illinois
    March 4, 2016
    Charter Senior Living to launch March 14th, 2016!