I’m Still Here®

World-Renowned. Proven.
Only at Charter Senior Living of Glen Ellyn

Charter Senior Living of Glen Ellyn features the Hearthstone Institute’s world-renowned I’m Still Here® approach to Memory Care. Developed by the Hearthstone Institute and successfully tested over decades, I’m Still Here® is an innovative, non-pharmacological and positive philosophy of dementia care. I’m Still Here® is based on the belief that every person living with dementia can experience a high quality of life regardless of the severity of their memory loss.

A Personalized Approach with a Message of Hope
I’m Still Here® features a person-centered approach, specialized communication, activities that encourage personal choice and techniques that support learning. What truly sets the program apart is its message of HOPE. It’s a proven philosophy that emphasizes purposeful engagement. When residents are involved in activities that are meaningful and interesting to them, behaviors such as the 4A’s of Alzheimer’s Agitation, Anxiety, Aggression and Apathy – are reduced.

Meaningful Experiences
I’m Still Here® ensures that unique interests and skills are incorporated into each person’s day so that experiences are meaningful and fulfilling. Most importantly, I’m Still Here® celebrates the person who is always present, even as the disease progresses.

Our Team
Each caregiver completes extensive I’m Still Here® training. Caregivers will also know how to assist with activities of daily living, housekeeping, recreation and dining. We believe this approach more effectively meets the needs and comfort of residents because residents become more familiar and comfortable with staff. It helps them maintain a connected, meaningful and enjoyable quality of life.

The I’m Still Here® Benefits at a Glance

  • Engages the full person
  • Engages skills and abilities through positive experiences
  • Reduces medication dependence
  • Maintains the individual within
  • Utilizes community resources
  • Respects choices, wishes and capacities
  • Reinforces positive relationships with care partners
  • Includes care partners in programming
  • Educates community partners
  • Provides HOPE for persons living with dementia – and their care partners

Our Neighborhood
Our specially designed neighborhood empowers residents to enjoy their lives to the fullest, knowing they are in a completely secure space and always surrounded by caring hands. They are always available to assist with personal care or offer help if it’s desired. It’s a comforting environment, incorporating safety and supportive cues throughout … even in the secured courtyard.

Peace of Mind and Well-Being
Families experience peace of mind and can rest assured knowing their loved one will always be treated with honor and respect. We believe the best form of care comes from a genuine sense of home and belonging, so we’ve created a culture of well-being for the body, mind and soul.

Centers of Excellence

Hearthstone’s I’m Still Here® approach is utilized in Memory Centers of Excellence around the country, including the Mayo Clinic. Hearthstone Institute is a world leader in the development of life-enhancing, evidence-based tools and approaches designed to enhance life for those living with memory loss.