Preventing the Spread Covid-19

  • We have rigorously increased our already stringent protocols and general precautions at this time.
  • Increased sanitizing and cleaning of high touch surfaces utilizing Binary Ionization Technology.
  • All Residents temperature and oxygen level monitored and checked twice per day.
  • Checking temperatures of all associates at beginning and end of shifts.
  • Continuing space and social distancing programming such as utilizing the outdoor as space weather permits (as long as community is not in a quarantine status).
  • Continuing limiting visitors to essential visitors only (see visitor policy).

Testing for Covid-19
All residents and staff have the ability to test for Covid-19. We currently follow the guidelines provided by both the local health departments and state licensing agencies to determine testing protocol related to both residents and employees. 

Communities With a Suspected or Positive Case
Any community with a positive or suspected case immediately implements an isolation and enhanced infection control protocols.  All residents will be required to quarantine in their apartments and all meals and services will be provided in their apartments. The positive or suspected resident would also be quarantined but will require a higher level of isolation protocol. The resident will then be tested again at 14 days. We will continue to work with the local health officials in each state and follow any additional protocols that may be requested or recommended.

Communication to Families and Residents
Proactive communication is Charter’s top priority. If a community has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 we will communicate with families and residents. Communities utilize various methods of communication including emails, Facebook Live, family conference calls and texts.

Monitoring residents Illness
We are checking temperatures and oxygen levels of residents at a minimum of two times per day. Any resident that has flu-like symptoms and a temperature over 99.8 or shortness of breath we will work closely with their physician to determine appropriate care and test if needed.

Beauty and Barber Shops
Currently our beauty and Barber shops are closed. We will continue to monitor state guidelines to determine when it is appropriate to reopen.

Deliveries and Personal Supplies
We encourage you to drop off any personal items, gifts or supplies.  Please drop off at communities designated area in a plastic bag (non-reusable) with the name of resident and apartment number.  We will deliver directly to the residents.

Physician Appointments
We are highly recommending the use of telemedicine if your physician provides it.  We ask for everyone’s safety to limit medical appointments to essential visits only.  Any resident that has to go to a Medical appointment will be provided proper PPE masks that are to be worn throughout their visit.

Dining Services
If a community is on quarantine, all meals will be delivered to the residents’ apartment.  We continue to provide mobile hydration stations throughout the day to assure additional snacks and drinks are provided. If community is not on quarantine, we are adapting dining services/times to allow for proper social distancing.

Associate Safety
All associates are wearing masks.  In addition, their temperatures are taken at the beginning of each shift and the end of each shift.   If they are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms we ask them not to return to work until they have had 3 days of normal temperature without medication. If an employee has tested positive to COVID-19, they cannot return to work until 14 days and will be retested prior to returning.

Helping During This Time
We understand how difficult it is for many of our associates and how hard they are working to keep our residents safe.  We have implemented several new programs to assist them during this time:

  • No waiting period for health insurance.
  • Paid sick time for part-time employees.
  • Full-time employees have immediate access to sick time and PTO.
  • Paid Time Stimulus Plan means associates can apply for PTO hours even if they do not have any remaining sick time or PTO.
  • Meals provided during all shifts.

We encourage you to reach out to the Executive Director first. If you need additional assistance, please send email or contact 331.305.5078.


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