Resident Safety Is Our Top Priority

At Charter Senior Living, we maintain the highest standards of safety for our residents, staff and community as directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our state departments of health. We continue to monitor and respond to new developments regarding the coronavirus and vaccinations. Regular updates will be provided as necessary.

Core Principles for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

  • We have rigorously increased our already stringent protocols and general precautions at this time.
  • Screening prior to entry for staff, residents and visitors through Accushield technology
  • Resident monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19 or changes of condition
  • Hand hygiene (use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is preferred)
  • Source control (masks, eye protection, and safe physical distancing per community transmission level)
  • Disinfection protocols
  • Safe distancing throughout the community
  • Testing residents and staff as per community transmission level and vaccination status
  • Vaccinations and boosters recommended
  • Collaboration with local health departments for COVID-19 safety

Testing for COVID-19

All communities test for COVID-19. We currently follow the guidelines provided by both the local health departments and state licensing agencies to determine testing protocol related to both residents and employees. Point of Care (POC) Antigen testing and Laboratory PCR testing are used in each community as indicated.

Communities with a Suspected or Positive Case

Any community with a positive or suspected case immediately implements exposure control protocols with contact tracing and isolation/quarantine as per health department guidance, Charter policy, and CDC recommendations. A positive or suspected resident is isolated as per policy. We will continue to collaborate with the local health officials in each state and follow any additional protocols that may be requested or recommended.

Communication to Families and Residents

Proactive communication is Charter’s top priority. If a community has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, we will communicate with families and residents immediately and provide ongoing communication with any updates. Communities use various methods of communication, including emails, Facebook Live, family conference calls, and texts.

Monitoring Residents’ Illness

We are monitoring residents for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or change of condition, daily and as needed. If any resident has symptoms of COVID-19 or temperature greater than 100.0, we will work closely with their physician for appropriate plan of care and treatment.

Beauty and Barber Shops

Currently our beauty and barber shops are open.


Physician Appointments

We recommend wearing source control and safe distancing while out at appointments. Testing upon return will be conducted based on exposure risk and vaccination status.

Dining Services

If any resident in the community is in quarantine or isolation, meals will be delivered to their apartment. This is required by the CDC and Charter policy to prevent additional spread throughout the community. Additional nutrition and hydration will be offered.

Associate Safety

All associates must wear masks while in the community. Screening is completed, with temperature checks, at the beginning and end of each shift. Any staff member who presents with COVID-19 symptoms or does not pass screening will be tested for COVID-19 and will remain out of work per protocol. New employees must have a negative COVID-19 test prior to starting work. Associates are tested routinely as per their vaccination status and community transmission level.


We encourage you to reach out to the executive director first. If you need additional assistance, please send an email to or contact 331.305.5078.